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The child stood,
The way he thought
The way he should,
In the midst of many,
His thoughts just like
A spinning jenny.
So very quiet,
Like he's on
A speaking diet,
Instead his needs
Are shackled, mute,
And everyone
Just thinks he's cute.
With no complaint,
His muffled screams
Are just too faint,
Unheard by those
That love and care,
I wonder how
This child will fare?
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There's a thunderstorm of pain

Surrounding all my edges,

There's a burial mound of grief

Lined with thorny hedges,

To breach these frightening obstacles

Requires nerves of steel,

And some days I can't do it

Because it hurts too much to feel.

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Winter Colors
She sits there by the window
Her coffee keeps her warm,
With her books and study papers
Sheltered from the storm.
Dressed in winter colors
Sweatshirt dark and denim jeans,
Comfort found in simple threads
Where complexity convenes.
Steam rising from her coffee cup
Casts a shadow on the glass,
It shades the pure reflection
Of such a pretty lass.
She sits there by the window
Gazing out beyond the storm,
Her coffee cup is empty now
Her body finally warm.

Current Mood: Wistful

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Faggot was a bundle of wood

Homo meant homogenized,

Now if we use either word

We'll be fined and ostracized.

A dumby couldn't speak

An ass was just a donkey,

White folks used the "n" word

And black folks called us honky.

Retard was an action

To adjust your engine timing,

Now these language slang derivatives

Are ripe for simple rhyming.



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Totally Batshit

California has gone totally batshit

Crazier than zombies, that's for sure,

Every damn store I go into now

There is a dog in the aisle...

I have to smile and endure.

How can a dog be in a grocery store

Where there is meat, potato's and cheese,

Aren't there some kind of laws

Regarding heart-worms and fleas?

Did their owners show a certificate at the door

When they flounced in with their hairy pet?

Dammit, I'm getting really tired of this,

I want to move to a place, where they are not doing this yet.

Animals belong at the pet store

The farm and the Vet,

They have their own kind of diseases

That I don't want yet,

And allowing them to crap on my lawn

And trot around my usual grocery store,

Convinces me that California has gone batshit

And I feel like I'm going to war.

I have a favorable attitude

Towards cats, fish and birds,

Rabbits and goats are cute

With their little pellet turds,

But I sure as hell wouldn't take them

Into a crowd or shopping venue,

Knowing that in parts of the world

My pet is on the menu.

So please keep your cutesy pets home

A barking, or snarling dog, I do dread,

If I feel in the least bit threatened in public

Do excuse me, if violence goes to my head,

And I reach out with a little electricity

Quite naturally, I'll call it self-defense,

Leaving a trail of hapless Chihuahua's

That should have stayed on their side of the fence.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Just For You

A special thing

Designed to endure,

Impervious to damage

Undoubtedly pure,

More precious than gold

And finer than spirit,

You don't know where to find it

But you'll know when you're near it.

Whatever it is

I don't know the name,

Thousands have searched

And now there's a game,

Called the Quest or the Promise

Or something like that,

Don't go looking there, friend

It's not a door or a mat.

You know what it is

It was made just for you,

If you didn't notice it

What can you do?

Just sit back and relax

And turn off the phone,

Be aware, it will come..........

Then make it your own.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Plucky Thoughts

Perhaps I just don't want to sleep

When my bed is half full,

Thoughts plucked from my mind

Seem to have a greater pull,

As if I'm talking to friends

Who aren't really present,

I am both a dictator directing

And a typewriting peasant.


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Social Media

Electronic social media

Is a conduit, a tool,

A multiplayer game

For the genius to the fool,

Wielding the power to influence

And a platform for fun,

With the proliferation of devices

Available to everyone.

Many participants

Are seeking their chance for fame,

Doing the stupidest of stuff

Without any sense of shame,

Because the audience is unknown

Out there, in viewer-land,

Quite often the result

May not be what you planned.

Millions of watchers

Might ridicule your work,

You thought you were hot stuff

But they think you're a jerk,

Web-pages against you

Your Facebook is hacked,

You jumped off a bridge

When your mind finally cracked.

Many of us might agree

Your choice, was the best,

Natural selection

Is the ultimate test,

You were safely removed

From the media arena,

Now the rest of us can enjoy

The latest version of Athena.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Only Eighteen

When I was single at forty

I was only eighteen,

If you knew what I implied

You would know what I mean.

I have always held the theory

Our age is frozen when we meet,

The one that we love

That one we hold so sweet;

And we move forward from that day

But chronologically, we don't change,

So really, I'm just forty-six now

Come now, this isn't so strange;

Because when I was forty-six

That sweet lady, she was ten years younger,

And just one look at her

Well, I was filled with a hunger........

I didn't know that I was quite so famished

I guess my best friend, could have told me,

But at the time, I was distracted

It didn't matter what she sold me.

Reality, wasn't working for me

Too much makeup and perfume,

Enough scent in their detergent

To clear cockroaches from the room.

I was searching for a love

And the candidates, were few,

I took so long to declare my interest

All they could say was, "who are you?",

So, why should I blame them

I needed something spontaneous,

Just seek an imaginary woman

And call it extemporaneous.

So now and forever

I'm only forty-six,

And the woman that I'm with?

She's prettier than pixy-sticks.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Turning off the internet

Has been good for my writing,

But now, I stay up so late

With random thoughts inviting,

Me, into that realm

Where my typing fingers lead,

Defining where my mood is

Is it funny, or will I bleed?

It is the nature of my destiny

The calling of my career,

The direction of my Karma

As an empath and a Seer,

A conduit of awareness

What I touch, hear and sense,

Sometimes it drives me so crazy

I just want to jump the fence.


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On the BART

As written on the BART

That was poem number one,

Not likely to be repeated soon

I live in Sacramento, son,

Where we don't have a BART

And we don't have a trolley,

Not even bus service to the airport

Now that is a Capitol folly.

Boston, New York and Chicago

Have trains, subways, and the “L”,

Out here in Sacramento

Where it's hotter than hell,

You can fry on a street corner

Waiting for bus forty-one,

Who needs a tanning booth?

California, owns the sun.

Sure, we have the “Light-Rail”

But just where does it go?

North, south, east and west

Out to the airport?, a big NO,

And speaking of the airport

It is “International”, only in name

There's no Office of Customs

It's just an advertising game.

No, I might never write poetry

Never riding on the BART again,

But I will always be ready

Armed with paper and pen.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Writing Month

June has been a writing month

I'll be bummed, to see it go,

Find me a good death to write about

And baby, the words doth flow...

All the stressful moments

Those remembrances of pain,

Rattle like loose marbles

Inside my untethered brain,

And there is no greater tragedy

Than the loss of a family member,

We are bound to recall

Every month since last November,

Of the previous year

When we all gathered to celebrate,

Our good health and happiness

Our lucky stars and blessed fate.

Now I am besot with more memories

Treasures to hold dear, now that Linda is gone,

Her spirit was released and she won't be found

Under a marble marker or a lawn;

She was looking ahead

Towards an ever increasing life,

She found it sooner than expected

Old friend Death snuck in with his knife.

Linda shall remain my inspiration

As I continue forward, in the work that I do,

May I continue to practice with the same compassion

She showed to everyone, me and you.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Death Music

My wife thinks I'm crazy

The kids are aghast,

That I'm choosing the death music

To play when I have passed;

And why not; I'm the one being remembered

Music is an integral piece of my persona,

To appease everyone, I duly promise

Not to list Freebird or My Sharona!


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Posterous sold to Twitter, and then finally dissolved.  I imagine there are many other unhappy bloggers who posted on that forum, when that whole Posterous cummunity went kerpoof! So, thank goodness for LiveJournal hanging in there.

Me, I don't Twitter, nor do I Facebook; I write my own brand of Literature. I had previously used this platform for posting "old" poetry, but now I will transfer my timely, current poetic musings to LiveJournal.

Viva LiveJournal!




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Power-Less #2

I grasped firmly the sword

And hacked down that tower,

Phone, TV and Internet

Are now without power.

Yes, most of us have access

At work, at school, or phone,

In today's connected world

We are rarely alone,

Untethered from all stimuli

That's a rarity for sure,

Yet, unplugging at home

Is a smidgeon of a cure.



Power-less #1

I threw down the gauntlet

And ripped off the mask,

I turned off the power

'Twas a heck of a task.

A bold idea; unpopular

But I paid the bill,

Expensive services, be gone

I'm done climbing that hill.

Adjustments for all

Modifications of behavior,

Counting money and time

A blessing and a Savior.

Now, Coffee Shop on Sunday

For an hour or two,

Take care of business on Wi-fi

With a cinnamon roll view.



Current Mood: amused amused

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Uncle E

Uncles barely remembered
But one stands out, for sure,
He committed suicide
In of itself, that's a cure,
To the pain of one's soul
And dismal outlook of living,
Shock and anger, at first
Resolved by forgiving.

When someone takes their own life
Survivors, they cringe,
Thinking, “what a solution
It's definitely out on the fringe,
Of your everyday method
Of solving an issue”,
While they reach for the largest
Industrial tissue;

To manage the tears
The sorrow and shame,
When it's suicide, everyone
Wants some of the blame,
How they didn't take the time
Or pay attention to his need,
Self-murder, suffers everyone
Just like a group bleed.

To survive this, one must
Recognize the best of old Ernie,
He, chose the boat
For the end of his journey.

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